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Khamis, 24 Januari 2008

Everything is money

I am such a dreamer and always love to dream. Currently what goes around my mind was how to get more money n become richer.
Please dont judge me as a "mata duitan". It is not me OK. For the time being i need more money to pay for road tax n my car insurance which will due this Feb 08. :(
Eh lupa la tarikh dia bila. Balik karang akan dirujuk semula yer. Harap x la t'lajak mcm 2 thn lps siap kena saman lg. But thank GOD bukan kita yg kena saman sbb time tu org lain yg tgh drive. hihihihi...
Minggu ni mmg sangat meletih dan memenatkan. Otak ku perlu bergerak pantas berfikir supaya keje dpt di siapkn ontime. Hari ni selesai 1 project n 1 more still OTW. Honestly i felt tired n weak but actually i feel great because there's several issues i settled it myself. Past experiences taught me to be some1 better. I love that satisfaction's feelings.
And, to add on kita dah collect several hours for OT which hopefully can cover up a lil bit pun enuff la my car insurance for next month.
Saying about OT, yesterday my friend said she was surprised that engineer in my company still can claim OT because usually for other company, their engineer don't have OT to be claimed. That what i love bout working here.
And saying about working, on this 4th Feb i will have a job interview in KL. Again dilemma come to mind. Should I go?????? Should i move back to KL?
If asking what i want, i prefer working in Penang and if i get another better job n better salary, no predicament no question of course 100% i will accept it with full of my heart. Iye ke ni???? hehehe... x la full kot. Tp akan rasa happy sbb gaji lebih. :D
Will update later pasal interview tu. .
Owh yeah lama dah rasanya x pegi gym. perasaan malas dah letih menguasai lebih dari segala-galanya. Kuasa makanan agak so-so x hebat sgt. Cuma perasaan kuat utk meratah ikan je. Dah addicted nak jadi kucing. (",)

Hoho esok replacement keje. x aci nyerrr.. :(

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