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Khamis, 26 November 2009

I got more.. tq.

Syukur Alhamdulillah. I had my life back.

I had said, once you got it, there will be more. Likely true, I've been engaged with two parents for another classes all in one day.

Lucky lucky me and thank you Allah.

New time table for my classes been updated. (KL version)









Math Form 3

Casa Ria Maluri



BM Std 3& 4

Tmn Wwsn, Puchong



BM Std 3& 4

Tmn Wwsn, Puchong



Science Form3

Casa Ria Maluri



BM Std 3

Taman Mulia, Bndr Tun Razak




Was planning to add a few more classes during the weekend session. Anyone interested to hire me? ;)

 For rate & charges, please refer to my Tuition Page

I pray to Dearest GOD, please give me body and mental strength; sufficient 24hrs a day; smart thinker brain and occupying my two hands and legs to handle my the most ambitious an EnGiNeEr tasks and being a TuToR for those kids and at the same time was a GiRl to my parent, a sIsTeR to the brothers and a beloved SwEeTy PiE to my fiancee.

I promise sayang, I will stop all these hanky kinky life once i've been called a W.I.F.E. Very soon..

-A partly free pigeon flying away freely with a golden bell on her neck-


Wish me luck! Yes i need more luckssss..

Finally wishing Happy Eid Adha to all Muslims and Happy Holidays

p/s: Sorry dear friends, admitting i am a busy lady but nothing to do with my own self sellfishing. Please do not judge me anything it should be if I didn't have much time to hang out together as I have all the responsibilities and it is my PRECIOUS life.

p/s: Available on weekend for family,friends, my LOVE and MYSELF. Perhaps....


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