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Jumaat, 13 Jun 2008


Edited from an email of mine to my friend;
malas nak karang dua kali..
Farah, ada benda aku nak story ni...
Ari tu aku g kl.. konon dah janji nak jumpa reza kat McD Bangi
Aku cite kat mak aku aku nak g jumpa dia pas kenduri..
Gile2 aku kena marah ngan parent aku.. aku x faham nape mak ayah aku x bg aku kwn ngan reza dah. i mean dah x leh nak jumpa2 kot.

Alasan sbb aku g ngan bf aku. . Masalahnya reza ngan bf aku tau je cite antara satu sama lain.
Derang x mo aku break lg ngan bf skrg sbb reza. (Reza please take note!) Jangan la wat isu bibir lagi ngan aku... hahahhahaha Kan dah x leh nak kawan ngan aku..
Aku cite kat bf aku pasal ni.. dia sndiri ckp dia x kisah pasal Reza sbb tau aku kwn ngan Reza dah lama..
Sbb aku kena marah tu la aku senyap je masa g kl ari tu. Causin reza call aku tanya aku kat mana pn aku x jwb. Aku sakit ati weh.. tp nak wat cane.. Dah parent aku x bagi.. aku ikut je la..

Apa nasihat korang?

Yang lagi wat aku kecewa sbb aku x g visit arwah mak ED. Aku bg tau parent aku nak visit ED kat ipoh otw blk Penang. Parent aku marah sbb nape gatal sgt nak jumpa sume kwn2 lelaki. aku bengang ar... ED ngan reza kan kwn skolah aku. bknnya aku bercinta pun ngan derang..
Parent aku ckp mcm nak tunjuk kat bf aku yg aku byk kwn lelaki. no point kan????
mlm tu junaidi call aku bg tau mak dia dah x de. I am the 1st person yg dia call among us nak bagi tau berita tu.. ED suruh aku bg tau yg lain. Seriously aku rasa t'kilan sgt.. aku msg mak aku bg tau. harap2 derang pun ada perasaan t'kilan mcm yg aku rasa sbb slh faham niat aku nak g jumpa ED.

Sbb tu aku hanya mampu nak msg reza je bg tau news. Aku rs bersalah sgt sbb x singgah visit mak ED ari tu.

anybody faham x apa aku rasa?
ps: to eda a.k.a Bobot, aku mintak maaf sbb x reply sms ko ari tu and wat dek je kat ym msg ko smlm... Really rasa guilty sgt ngan apa yang jadi.
A good life is a collection of happy memories.

Khamis, 12 Jun 2008

New Born Baby.. Knows nothing :~(

Its almost been a week since my last day in Sanyo…

Last weekend; there was a wedding day of a friend of mine. We’ve been friends since my Uniten’s life past 5 years. Dah jadi Puan dah ko skarang ye pu3. Tahniah!!! Jaga En Husband bebaik tau… hehehehe… Kasi lembut2 sket. Jangan la garang2 je, I pon takut. :D

Back to my story…
I started my new career yesterday. My 1st day goes very fine.. Been introduced to everybody here and there.. ( typical procedure for a new comer.. hehehe )

The most thing what made me really miss my prior company is during lunch time break.. The food would be totally different, the price, the kind of food also not the same anymore. I am still thingking how to apply my vege routine here. Waaaa… is that mean that my diet program were in a critical status??? K ina… I missed uncle’s kangkung, sawi, kalian and tofu.. Kalau kawan-kawan nak tau, tu la routine menu makan tengah ari ku setiap hari.. (with no rice)

My working environment also really totally diverse from what I used to do for last three years. I have been involved in IT field, grabbing the opportunity to learn something new. I knew there’s a lot I can gain in this course. I’ve drowned to Engineering Computing which is truly ‘alien’ to me.

Honestly for myself motivation, I have to be brave to take this challenge and I know I can do very well if I try my best! I really have TO!

There’s a lot of training in task I have to complete. Those are what I have been waiting for past few years. TRANING!!! To gain my knowledge! Today I just completed my Six Sigma and some Company’s Private Protocol courses. I’ve gone through the schedule, FMEA and DFMEA courses are also available. It reminds me to Aries, my ‘ex-sensei’ in Sanyo. He has been looking for this kind of courses so long. I should grab this opportunity to learn as much as my brain can absorb as I already got the chances.

Will update later gang! I have class at 8pm..


Today I have my 1st meeting, conference together with EC from KL. Walaweyyyy… I am lost in the middle of the discussions. But the good thing was I get clearly how my team is functioning. There’s a lot “JARGON’s” term I never heard and some I’ve heard before but never concern what actually it is. Hahahaha… it seems like I am a new born baby have to explore everything about life on my own effort.

Life is a process of learning and it is a MUST for me to fully utilize all the chances ahead. I wish I have made a correct decision by grasping this challenge.

I am not saying here I am pretty good, but all my words here are just for myself inspiration to motivate me to archive a balance success in life
Honestly speaking I am nothing compared to others out there. Especially my DRESDNER’s friend.. Heheh... saja highlight besar-besar.. Memang I jealous gila kat org yang byk knowledge ni.

I was not doing very well during my BEE, (memang rasa menyesal gila sbb banyak merapu.. banyak main.. banyak berangan masa tu) so this is the option how I can improve my level. Me still leaking here and there, need a lot of repair work to improve at least get a B+ grade.

GO GO Chaiyokkkkkkk!!!

A good life is a collection of happy memories.


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