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Sabtu, 9 Januari 2010

End of week one..

Happy weekend everybody..

Sekejap je 1st week of 2010 dah nak abis kan..


Hari tetap 24 jam 60 minit 60 saat.

Hari tetap tujuh hari seminggu empat minggu sebulan.

Apa yang semakin singkat sebenarnya? Kat mana yang sekejapnya secara nyata?

Itu lah kekuasaan yang MAHA ESA.

Jumaat, 8 Januari 2010

Sila ambil sijil kursus kahwin anda..

Hari-hari ayah call tanya "kak long dah cakap kat arm ke?"
Hari-hari saya call tanya "abg macam mana? ayah hari-hari tanya"
adeiiii.. pening sebenarnya kalau kena pressure macam ni.
Okeh dewan rasanya dah booking kot. (tak tau.. ayah punya part)
Ahad ni nak pergi ambik sijil kursus kawin kat Taman Tun.
Biar kepuk lama-lama nanti hilang satu kerja lagi kena kursus lagi sekali.
Success doesn't come to you…you go to it

My 1st note.


The purpose of this blog is to express my intentions towards a wedding day of mine..

To squeeze out my excitment en route for the big day..

To say words of the joys and obstacles of my other life..

To share the sweets & sours of my beloved students and classes..

To cry the journey of something that i passionate into..

Of course it still a personal blog and dear readers you are in my territory.

I admire any advices and supports from everyone.

Thank you.

Khamis, 7 Januari 2010

Us in action

 Sape kata saya sibuk tak sempat dating..

[caption id="attachment_821" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Since he stopped smoking 4 months ago, he's getting montel. "][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_822" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="When he was in action.."][/caption]


[caption id="attachment_824" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Even not related about smoking she is still montel. In progress to lose down."][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_825" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="When she was in action.."][/caption]


Dear Nurul,

Sure, be my guest.

I did not talk to you on this, because I thought you were busy with the layout. If you can find time to do both, then by all means.

CW Loke

Muahahahah... saya suka!!!

I recieved this email from my boss when i asked him to alow me  to involve in a test phase of our product. I likeeeeee.

Surething i can find time for multi tasking. Do count on me. ;)


Selasa, 5 Januari 2010

2010 Timetable

Monday8:15pm-9:45pmScience Form 3Minda Ceria, Cheras
Tuesday8:30pm-10:00pm8:00pm-10:00pmMath Form 3BM Std 3 & 4Casa Ria Maluri            Tmn Wawasan Puchong
Wednesday8:30pm-10:00pm8:00pm-10:00pmScience Form 3BM Std 3 & 4Casa Ria MaluriTmn Wawasan Puchong
Thursday8:15pm-9:45pmBM Std 6Minda Ceria
Friday8:00pm – 10:00pmBM Std 3Tmn Mulia, Bndr Tun Razak
Saturday1:45pm-3:15pmBM Std 4Minda Ceria, Cheras
4:00pm-5:30pmBM Std 5Minda Ceria, Cheras

-work smart and passion-


rate details : My Tuition Timetable

Isnin, 4 Januari 2010

Sape baik hati nak tolong???

Semua keje pending. Ye saya stress bila keja sangkut.

Why??? Sebab nanti meeting, boss trus tanya; Nurul, apa status. How the progress??

Aku? -nganga- gila ke apa macam tu.

As in normal procedures, mech eng will provide us(pcb designer)  .dxf data for board outline.

yeahh... he did provided me the data. But then it was empty.

I did find alternative to convert the original drawing from his design into .dxf on my own using AutoCAD.

What did u aspect dari org yang tak pernah guna that software mcm saya ni. Apatah lagi for complex details with all chamfers, miters and everything which involved in mechanical technics.

I used to seek helps from support ppls and all keep saying there's something wrong with the original drawing.

Which is the mechanical drawing itself.

I had emailed him few couple of times, follow up some more; all the steps and procedures to draw it in AutoCad but still no change. He said he followed the steps.. But i can see the layer naming still the same. Not too sure did anything changed???

Now what should i do? Does it still on my shoulder??

Just because of this my Notebook layout still pending. I cannot start design without the board outline MR.

Who else can help me? was thingking to hire someone for this. I pay. (seriously desperate)


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