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Selasa, 6 Disember 2011

Just an update.

Rasanya dah lama sangat tak meng-update. Tak tau apesal bila dah lama tak bukak, dia report as spam terus divert error.
End up my husband advice me to browse it through Firefox browser and it works. Sebab apa macam tu eh?
Latest info updates are;
* I am in 18weeks of my 2nd pregnancy. So far everything goes very well. Yang bestnya this time tak ada morning sickness; unless kalau time saya kelaparan memang cepat rasa nak muntah and loya.
So, in positive side makan je la kan.
* As for until now i haven't gain any weight yet. still the same as before i get pregnant again. ( Of course i already gain a lot after my 1st delivery about 9 months ago ) Yang itu memang payahnya nak turun. In fact, tak sempat i nak diet dah langsung tak boleh diet sampai la May 2012 next year. Hopefully lepas ni i sempat la nak berdiet. (kot.....)
* During my week 16th masa pergi checkup surprisingly my HB (hemoglobin) level is 12gm/dl. Masa Hannah dulu i only reached 12gm/dl sebulan lepas bersalin. Seronok!
*So far "belum lagi" ada High Blood Pressure or Diabetes. I hope they won't ada until the end, eventhough i am an over weight pregnant mother. Alhamdulillah.
Yes I am over weight but then syukur i am still remain healthy in term of blood pressure and sugar also during my 1st pregnancy last time. Lucky me and kuasa Allah SWT maha berkuasa.
*Another interesting part was, i could see my little one was very active swimming inside my womb. Yes i can see it very clearly sambil dalam hati cakap ` wahhh, seronoknya dia. Kakak Hannah dulu malu-malu '
*Now i started feeling heavier and tired.

Okeh enough with my pregnancy stories.

My Little Hannah Qaisara now is 9 months old. Dah besar anak mommy sorang ni. But sadly she was celebrating her 9MO birthday in fever and diarrhea. Tapi mommy cuti one whole week taking care  Hannah 24-7 are the most precious moments.

Hannah milestones at 9M 1W:
* She is 9kgs
* She can crawls
* She can standing up, dancing her butt and sit down without assistant.
* She can walk but with support by holding from anything in her surrounding.
* She can claps, holding things and just noticed my lovely daughter is left handed. Neither me nor my hubby was left hand but my husb siblings got left handed gene. (Some says orang kidal ni pandai, and of course i pray my Hannah is smart kid too)
* She can ma-ma-ma, pa-pa-pa
* She has 8 baby tooth.
* Finally she choose Similac Advance Formula and now consuming one big can of FM (1kg) for 1 week only.
Can tahan for only 1 week OK! In not so good side, hurmmm mommy and daddy must cut cost to afford your fav milk. But in good side, it is ok baby, as long as you are happy and healthy and full, mommy and daddy will get it for you darl!
* Still direct breast feeding when mommy is around especially during sleepy mode.
* Lately she refuses to eat much. Makes mommy worries and was started to think new recipe to feed you dear..

As for my dear beloved husband,
*He always be my hero, my the most handsome and gorgeous boyfriend ever.
*He is working hard for the family which i really appreciate it sayang.
*Kadang-kadang dia stress kerja, letih travel dengan heavy work load. Pity him.
Tapi he has his own way to release, dapat masuk hutan memikat ayam hutan, memancing, rehat tengok hijau pokok, main lumpur celup sungai and dapat hasil adalah sangat-sangat cukup untuk merehatkan badan dan mindanya.
*Saya tak halang and OK with his hobby as long as he is safe and happy.
Last weekend my husb dua beradik buat aktiviti kehutanan, dapat hasil yang sedap di masak lemak cili api `kow'. Selesaiiiiii dengan nasi panas....

It almost end of year as usual banyak CUTI which is adalah BEST.
So our weekends are already scheduled until January 2012.

Till we meet again. Bye-bye..

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