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Jumaat, 3 Disember 2010

I am back again.

Im back!

2 bulan hilang rasa macam hilang terus dari semua orang. Tapi, to be positive, banyak yang saya dapat dalam dua bulan yang hilang.

I got new friends, new working experience, new lessons learnt, new life schedule and of course the most important; new look. Hahaha.

Now i am back to the main office surviving for my own employer; with new inspiring lake view. Sangat menyamankan...

I missed my SOEM colleagues, the makan time, ermmm not the food may be. ;)

They were such a good friends and i felt so lucky for being their new friends.

New Look??? Yeahhhh sangat ketara. Cant hide anymore.. Well, story line will be drafted soon.

Good Luck!

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