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Jumaat, 27 April 2012


Banyak tak ter-update tapi malas nak meng-update. What can I say is sekarang dalam mode quarantine for long distance travel and red alarm alert has put on. It could be at anytime and anywhere.

I have planned to start my maternity leave effectively by next Monday. Hoyeh!!! Cuti... :D

Preparation not yet completely done. Sebab tu saya cuti awal so that I can packing. Cuti jugak sebab saya nak rehat get my body and soul ready for delivery soon. Instead of body rest, I also need my quality time staying alone at home for mengaji Quran and baca Yaasin as much as I can.
Honestly speaking, kalau tak mak ni sibuk dengan Hannah, her husband, rumah tangga dan kerja. Who should you blame? Yourself!

Jom tido! Tomorrow gonna be my last day work. Of course there's many things to clear up so I need more energy. Tata!
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