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Rabu, 10 September 2014

Demand Vs Supply, Shaklee and enjoy breastfeeding.

I am a working and exclusively breastfeeding mother of three. Since been introduced to Shaklee by one of a friend of mine, I  am happy with the supplements right until now. Been trying to many other types of brands too but personally I am comfortable with the combinations from Shaklee; not only for breastfeeding purposes. 

Saya bukan pembeli tegar yang setiap bulan order supplement. Tapi rasanya tak pernah putus walaupun at least ada one type of them. My constant intake should be ESP, B Complex, Alfalfa, Ostematrix, Vitalea. I believe semua pun dah well known dengan advantages and benefits of each. Tak perlu kot nak explain lagi.

I would say everyday at least 15oz EBM is a must during working hour. Supply vs demand concept, pump every 2-3 hours. Kalau buzy pun i will still make it compulsory macam solat wajib.  EBM i pun tak la mewah sampai penuh fridge. Alhamdulillah I still managed to EBF my eldest until 2yo++, my second at 1yo( forcedly weaned) and now working hard for my third baby, 5M3W++.
Also thank you very much to husband dear for your endless and lovely support. 

Baru-baru ni kata Shaklee support Israel. I tau benda tu just saja x nak kecoh. Kita baca, ambil tahu and we knew what to act. Let HIM judge the truth. 

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