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Jumaat, 11 Julai 2008

Burden and responsibility????

A burden on me.
Now it became a burden to me.

( Orang kata biar bersederhana )

How can I help it?
How can I helping others since i am never bother about myself.

Please give me strength of saying 'NO'

I am tired enuff. I am exhausted.
I need a rest. I need a peace of mind and soul. I want to sleep tightly.

Yey! esok balik umah.
Hmm waiting so long.. I miss them to the max!

A good life is a collection of happy memories.

Isnin, 7 Julai 2008

Cinta dan Duit

Thank you for the ring.. :D

My weekend sangat best but then agak memenatkan jugak.

Cover 1 whole day with classes on Saturday.. Penat betul class dari kul 9am till 7pm direct non-stop.

Can't wait to meet him tomorrow. -wiwiwi-

Waiting for my Dear MR on Sunday morning. Bring him along to class for 2 hours. So pity you.. Im sorry. Its money lorrr..

We watched WANTED. Best tp bunuh orang sangat kejam.

Hari minggu yang terasa sangat cepat.
He went back to Melaka last night at 11.45pm. Semoga selamat sampai ye sayang...

Hmm I got a new student.

Donno where should I put her in my schedule.

Donno how to say; "Sorry puan, I couldn't make it. My schedule is already full"

Kesimpulannya try jugak to fit in inside any holes available. Tak pe la... duit...
Huh adakah aku MATA DUITAN???? tak... I need money and yea money is very important for life.

Anybody sesiapa in Penang area yang terasa-rasa nak try jadi home tutor, please contact me. But please make sure do it seriously. Ajar anak orang satu amanah.

I still have another 2 students available. The schedule is during office hour, alternate day, 2 hours per session, rm20-30 per hour. (huahuahua... u can get at least rm480 per person.)

Really fit to someone yang buat home tutor for full time.

Yeye!! dapat birthday voucher from JUSCO. Sangat-sangat valueble. AKu perlu gunakannya untuk membeli barang-barang untuk di persembahkan kelak. Available until end of next month.. Maknanya bulan depan kena shopping lagi... huhuhu kering.. kering... :(

A good life is a collection of happy memories.

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