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Jumaat, 5 Februari 2010

I want many many money..

Last 2 days while waiting for my brother having his treatment, that particular spa is having kinda "Open House for CNY". There's a few consultants and products were on sale.

 I did a &@^!%# check up and found out a small stucky vein around it which later on it can form a fibroid. They suggested me to buy "the whole body set stuff" (2+1+1)  then i said;

 "ok i'll think about it and get back to u later."

Bukankah ini jawapan paling standard untuk mengelak??

 Then masa i nak keluar kedai, surprisingly i saw daddy was sitting on the sofa outside. Santai je ayah landing kat kedai orang. :D

Actually ayah ada medical appoinment kat Hospital Selayang for kidney stone on that day. Alhamdulillah the doc said its no more.

 Ok get back to the story, rupanya my mom kat dalam tengah buat facial. Reward for ummi sebab teman ayah pegi checkup kot. As for sure she also did the same test as mine and luckily she doesn't has any.

That pretty Joyce told my mom about me.

Nak di jadikan cerita, rupa-rupanya last time Ummi pn ada jugak bendalah tu and quite a lot. Then, accidentally i gave her full set of  "Beautiful"  and she wears it until now. Good to hear it all gone.

Now, because of this reason, she forces me to have one too.

Mana ada duit.. Serious tak ada..

I said ok, i take it tapi dengan syarat laon Ummi. She really2 wants me to wear it and worry about the "stucky vein" in me so much, so she says OK.

She paid RM1.5k (which i promised to pay back lepas kawin) and the other RM400++ i pay myself.

Now I am wearing it with a comfort, super solid and slimmer feelings.

In quick; flabbies are hidden. hahhaha...

Saya mau duit banyak banyak banyak ooooo.. :(

My another W.H.E.E.L

all about $$$$

Semalam ayah call bagi tau pasal langsir, cadar and kain baju seragam keluarga dah beli.
(Honestly cakap, saya rasa my parent lagi bz daripada orang yang nak kawin tu.)

There's few things yang saya kurang setuju.

Either it is too expensive for me; or i am too simple for them.

Cadar sampai RM700 and window curtain for almost RM1000.

What a huge wasted to me. Plus the reception nanti will be held at somewhere else and normally only relatives will be around at home.
Seriously i am not agree.

I want it to be just an ordinary and simple. I tak nak membazir2 for something yang surely ada option lain where we can get it in a good quality too.
I know i am the eldest and the only daughter in the family. But this not something that i need.

However many thank you to ayah and ummi. They are working very hard for this. I knew...

Just got to know that the night after akad nikah lepas Asar, there's Majlis Cukur Jambul for my new born causin and "SUDDENLY add on" ada Majlis Khatam Quran for me too. Anybody nak menumpang teman saya? Juga dah buat saya seriauuuu nak mengaji sorang2 di tengah khalayak ramai.

As for what i knew, schedule is for Kenduri Doa Selamat and "may be" ada Naik Buai for baby. Tapi tak sure lagi kan masa tu.
Now kenapa jadi Khatam Quran pulak.
Ermm Abg, kita dah nikah kan time tu nanti. Kita khatam sama-sama nak?? Errrr tapiiiiiiiiiii ada ke orang buat macam tu? :)

Lagi kisah pembaziran sekata.

I just bought a "whole body set stuff" cost RM2K while i am craving for money for my wed in two months more.
tettttttttttttttttttttt. End of the story.

-having triple headache-

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