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Khamis, 11 April 2013

Never judge me of leaving family just because of work. Of course it is a hard decision.


I haven't been blogging for quite some time. The reason is I keeping busy with kerja, kids and family.

Yes, I need to go to Japan bringing RM50k project of my company for almost two months. Instead of only 2 weeks at first, MD said 2 months.

If I am not a wife and a mother yet, of course kepala fikir nak berjalan je. End of April is Japan Golden Week, they are having one week holiday. Kononnya, lucky me sebab dapat tengok Sakura.

Preparation? I can say -80% sebab x de start apa pun lagi. Everything super last minute, dan saya sangat-sangat tak de masa nak prepare anything.
Visa procedure to Japan je pun cukup lah payahnya. Macam-macam surat, the original one from Japan they need. Because of entry to Japan for reason of work and meeting, all expenses must bare by the company. Menunggu la Fedex post.

I need a short and quick travel guide but I have no time to do Google.

RM50k yang saya kena bawa tu je dah cukup sesakkan kepala saya. Honestly saya takut saya tak bole buat. Pray for me friends.

Dictionary! I need a dictionary because I will travel alone and English is not their mother tongue. Saya yakin akan jadi macam ayam dengan itik angguk2. Pun belum beli!

Currency rate! My another point of worries. Yen sume main ribu-ribu. Kalau sebut mesti kita rasa banyaknya kan. Tapi kalau makan lunch set bodo-bodo pun dah ¥20,000, kira sendiri lah.

Owhhhh 1st Birthday Harraz, mummy not with you syg. Also not me to bring you for 1yr jab. For sure daddy must take note!

I am very sad when it reminds me of leaving them for a while. Then, when every time I nak pack, or do list up I will cry 1st. Maka tak jadi nak tulis, end up langsung tak prepare.

Hurm.. Tomorrow is going to Teluk Intan jumpa ayah. My father kena quarantine sbb dah nak pilihan raya ni. Bahasa senangnya, ayah tak boleh keluar kawasan.

Monday packing, Tuesday balik kampung, Rabu jalan. I not only need to pack my stuffs, but also for my children. Mana dgn baju, stock pampers, susu, sabun bedak segala, ubat pn kena standby. Of course toys a bit. Banyak keje kan. But I still do nothing.

Ok lah dah penat.
Good night!
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