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Jumaat, 18 Julai 2008

Ini sangat tidak adil!

Frustrated and upset!

Tak pe.. hari ni hari kau, esok hari aku kau tengok jer la. Heheheh ganas tak ayat. Politik x bley pakai la beb klu setakat wayang jer.

This fellow, I know he’s my senior, tapi all his work sume canang 1 negeri. A lot of people will know he did his job very well.

Tapi kesian kat aku budak setahun jagung ni, yang baru nak belajar kenal apa yang tersorok disebalik system yang berfungsi, diperkotak-katikkan seperti aku tak tahu apa yg aku buat. Ada ke patut????? Tak patut!!!!

But actually I am already 1 step further from him. Tapi 2 org je yang tau apa aku buat. Iaitu aku, Cik Nurul dan Mr H. I did find an alternative way to know the flow how the library system was updated by myself. By method of Q&A to somebody who is more experienced.
And I know the existing of the script in our server which contents all the information I need for my assignment.

Nobody knows that I am already studying the script.

Then 1 whole day aku tak de kat office, and have no idea what was happened.

Nak dijadikan cerita, on the next day…

Tetiba benda yg aku highlight kat meeting minutes yg aku tgh study script have been deleted by donno who tanpAa aku tau apa dah jadi time meeting smlm..
Apa korang rasa???

He said its OK Nurul, let me handle this issue. Its not OK!!!. Ni keje aku biar la aku yg abiskn.

Suddenly this morning dapat emails the’ mentioned’ fellow was asking superb duperb bombastic emails to US persons asking directly how library was updated, who is the person incherged and everything.

Then they replied back and tell him about the script that I had already found earlier..

Bole rasa tak apa aku rasa??? I did the job halfway but nobody knows and they delete what I did looks like I didn’t know what I do.

Actually I dah 1 step further from him. If u got the script you no need to ask for others beb. It is all stated in the script.

And now nampak macam aku yg x de progress, and sume org tau dia kena follow up or take over benda tu konon2 aku tak tau apa aku buat.

Huarghhhhh!!!!! Aku sangat bengang kalo org keje wayang ni.

Apa pun thank you so much to Mr H. Ko memang baik and suka tolong orang.

A good life is a collection of happy memories.

Khamis, 17 Julai 2008

My day but not really the day.

It increase again year by year.
Thinking what i had gone through for my entire life.
And still looking for the best in livings.

Been super duper busy for whole day. Out of office for one day.
Poor me. :(

Thanks guys for all the wishes. And i really hope everything will come true.

The day passed. 18 mins past 12am.

Checking my emails. Looking for updated what is happened to my current assignment..
Hmmm geram because im am out of office for 1 day, other person dah take over my job.
Come on la... I know it is a competition. But please do raspect some others responsibilities. My job is my job, n your job is yours. I yang dah buat study sikit2 pasal scripting tu and still learning all the processes, tiba-tiba tup tup dah siap or nak siap im not sure. No worries if just to help or give guidence but not to fully take over.

It is new to me, and i really hope this is a chance where i can show my credibilities to handle issues.

-seriously terasa sakit n kecik ati-

tak nak pegi keje esok bole tak? malu nak pegi jumpa muka sume orang sbb dlm action item for meeting, i am the one yg responsible utk assignment tu, but suddenly some other fellow yang follow up sampai siap just because i tak de kat office, went for 1 whole day training outside.

hmmm.. what should i say????

A good life is a collection of happy memories.

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