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Isnin, 21 Oktober 2013

Weekend with daddy dah habis.

Sunday was over..

Farah, sorry aku tak jadi pun pegi Damansara. So tak dapat la kita date.. Next time hopefully....

Early Sunday morning, I prepared cheesy macaroni for the kids, then the parent is having  nasi lemak at a warung nearby my house.
Was planning to bring the kids to playland today.. Tapi sebab si emak was enjoying The Day After Tomorrow on HBO, lastnya pukul 3pm baru keluar rumah.
Endup we brought the kids to Reko Land in IOI Mall Puchong only.

Even no pictures to tell the stories but I knew that they were having real fun and fully utilized their daily toddler energies. 
While having dinner at Kenny Rogers, Hannah was fallen asleep. Orang dah nak balik baru dia nak order itu ini nak makan.

Poor my little girl was crying; she refused to go home, nak main kuda lagi. Harraz is already surrender sleeping in baby stroller. So dia dah tak take port.

Meraung anak dara saya sampai ke kereta. Tapi kalau dah comel, meraung pun orang senyum-senyum je tengok. Her with  rambut ikat dua and blue polka dot jeans dress, holding Mr Ephant and milk bottle in hand and crying all the way from basement of the shopping complex to roof top car park......

I noticed a few ppl staring and say comelnya budak ni menangis then smiled at me. huhu...

Its OK girl, next time kita pergi lagi ye... Esok nak sekolah. 

Saya seronok bila tengok anak-anak excited nak pergi jalan. Not even Hannah, her little brother Harraz pun dah tau meaning pergi jalan is time to seronok-seronok. I swear saya sangat-sangat happy.

Sebab saya pun pernah rasa perasaan seronok bila ayah & ummi nak bawa pergi jalan masa kecik dulu.

I bribe them kalau nak main, kena makan dulu. Untuk alas perut pre-lunch at almost 4pm they finished a milo with whole big chicken sausage each of them. Sungguh-sungguh nak main ni.


I was working half-day on last Saturday. 
Since daddy was also working and the kids is at nursery, I grabbed the only chance I got for my 'me-time' session.
After quite a while since Harraz was born then only I managed to do facial which is more on body de-stressing and self reward.

Phewwww... I am really satisfied with the treatment and body massage..

Pregnant mother kan... bukan boleh suka suka buat any treatment yang rasa best. Machine yang ada UV la, yang ada radiation la semua kena avoid. Even antiseptic machine pun they not allow.. Baru saya tahu... They replaced with antiseptic loction would do. End up oxygen de-hydration treatment suite me the most. 

I fetch the children at almost 5pm. And I mengelat skip masak dinner too. hehehe...
When daddy balik he dah kunci gate then only I cakap jom dinner kat luar.
My husband said, Abg dah kunci pagar ingatkan boleh makan nasi kat rumah. Cesssss..... I malas la... esok ye kita masak. 

We went out for dinner at Rimba Klasik. MasyaAllah ramainya manusia. Tapi ok la serving laju so no big deal.

There goes a reverse story of my weekend. I am blessed and happy. Alhamdulillah. 

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