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Jumaat, 12 Disember 2008

Eda: What is inside your Handbag

Been tagged by Eda; sorry dear tak sempat lagi nak merapu kat sini.

What is inside????

All in one


1. Buku cerita <Title: Jauh>

Pinjam dari Kak Ina few months ago. Baru tetiba terasa nak baca and successfully read 5 pages.

2. Handset cover

Bought by daddy from Sarawak last month.

3. Keys

4. Hands free

Used to 'gayut' while driving. Dont drink and drive.

Hoh i am not a drinker. But love to mobile and drive.

5. Friends name cards

Malas nak transfer ke card holder since it was given to me past few months.

6. Access Card

Benda wajib yang di bawa ke hulu- hilir.

7. Minyak wangi.

2 concentrated parfum and 1 silky girl roller.

8. Purse

25th birthday prasent given by my beloved parent. Dont ask why the colour is bright pinky.. But i though it is a symbol for daughter as i am the only girl in the family.

9. Paper notes.

10. Secondary handphone

Used to keep my 'happy :)' prepaid line. Primary handphone was somewhere else. Cant remember where i put it currently.


Dont be surprised; i didnt bring any compact powder or lipsticks or any alat make up. I dont even have tissue in my handbag.

Hahaha i know how ppl will think so pity this messy girl.

Would like to know what is inside of CT's and Azima's. May I?????


Mommy is getting better. Hopefully can discharge today as what the Doc promised la.
~Thank You Allah~
I strongly started my diet program AGAIN due to terasa mcm dah 'montel'. Huh bahaya ni nnt baju x muat.
Tolong keraskan hati, jangan ikut hati, set minda dgn feeling yang sentiasa kenyang. :D

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