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Selasa, 24 Februari 2009

The DUMBEST thing happened

I did a very BIG mistakes last night.

Anybody agree kalau kita cakap Bahasa Malaysia/Bahasa Melayu [or kesimpulannya our mother tounge] sangat susah.. Sape setuju???

Ker aku ni yang memang sangat weak subjek bahasa!

Erm ni semua gara-gara kepala duk mikir teringin sangat nak makan mcd sepanjang otw nak g kelas smlm. Eventhough lagi 30 min nak start class pun aku gagahkan jugak g cari mcd.

Akibatnya the most DUMBEST thing happened.

I didnt prepared for the class which i usually use my earlier 30 mins to do some revision about the topic that im going to teach that day.

I taught them a DUMB thing and make me myself such a silly person.

I made them more confused with the topic which they were already in all the way confused about  Bahasa Malaysia.

Plus there's a new student from KL which kinda of 'kerek' and like to ask me nonsenses sort of 'loyar buruk'. Made my day even worse.

He keep plays tricks on me then i fall into his trapped due to how anxious i am to deal with the tricky questions and arghhhh aku sakit kepala OK!

He keep asking my age, am i married and staring at me secretly from his seat.. "My dear, u ingat i tak tau ker?? I have my another binocular eyes la."

I am very very sorry. I messed up the class.



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