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Jumaat, 28 Mac 2008

~abnormal routine~

Waduh-waduh.... naik pusing kepala gue mengadap pc satu ari ni. ( bukan ari ni je yer. dah berbulan-bulan macam ni)

Here are all my everyday tasks as an engineer since a few months ago and still the same sampai ari ni.
  • Friendster
  • Blogspot
  • News
  • Email
  • Meebo
  • Jobstreet

What kind of working is this??? Huaaaa!!!! I am getting cronically BORED with it. Budak2 tak lepas SPM pon bole keje macam aku.
Boss pun dah x larat nak buat apa kat kitorg budak2 PCB Design ni. Job masuk ikut musim. Macam musim buah ngan musim hujan jugak la. Kalo tetiba masuk musim ribut, x cukup tangan dibuatnya. segala benda tak cukup. Masa tu dah jadi lagi mahal dari segala emas, white gold and platinum yg ada di muka bumi ni. Kalo x de musim, macam ni la kami. Kepenatan dan keletihan tunggu jam jalan sampai 5.45pm. (Ting Tong! Yey!! dah bole balik.. caboooooooooooot!!)
Pegi keje ontime sharp 8.30am punch card. - On PC key in password- Tunggu segala mak nenek ngarut2 ready, check outlook email. dengan harapan ada project masuk utk ari ni.
Task seterusnya, - On Meebo dulu; pas tu baru check Yahoo Mail dan sebagainya sampai la dah nak muntah meng surfing sampai petang.
Loceng bunyi bangun pegi canteen, MAKAN. satu ari sampai 5 kali MAKAN. mmm abg cane la kita x makin sihat ni??? :(
Balik keje layan cite Bella. Tu je cite yg dah ditengok dari awal wlupun kadang2 skip. Tak heran sangat pun beb! (JOGGING???? ala... malas. Excercise dalam bilik je pun bole kan yg?? ala... boring..) Isu borak malam semalam. Macam-macam la alasan aku kalo dah MALASSSSSSSS tersangattttt. :D
Dah balik keje tu kira dah abis jugak la ari aku utk ari ni. Tunggu je la ari-ari esok yg bakal mendatang pulak. Tak tau la kat mana ada kelainannya hari ini dan semalam, kat mana ada keistimewaannya semalam dan hari esok... Hanya DIA yang MAHA mengetahui.

A good life is a collection of happy memories.

Rabu, 26 Mac 2008


After a few months I x de mood nak update, lately ni tetiba rajin nak send new posts everyday. Hehe..

I got some tuition jobs!!! Huhu finally i am a tutor. :) Alhamdulillah. Allah murahkan rezeki ku kali ni. I will try my best to give the best i can to all my students.

Hidup ku kini semuanya kena berjadual. Bila dah ada commitment lain, semua benda kena arrange awal2. I have to learn to be a good manager. 'Myself Time Manager' hehehe.. Ahad schedule dah penuh ngan class dari kul 9am sampai 4pm. Isnin & Selasa pun sama, 8.30pm-10pm pn ada class lg. X kisah la. Janji income masyuk n aku puas dgn keje aku.

To My Beloved Family, thank you sebab izinkan saya wat keje ni. Dengan restu kalian, InsyaAllah ada jodoh kami tahun depan. Aminn... :)

To My Dear Mr, Sorry syg, we have to sacrifice for this. I wish you will moving here very shortly so that i can be at your side all the time. Cant wait for the unique 'Jeans' and your fishing rod as our presentation soon. Aminnn... :)

A good life is a collection of happy memories.

Selasa, 25 Mac 2008

Trust & Believe

It is really difficult for me to trust somebody. I am afraid to trust people which caused me to always thinking something negatively. How to trust someone? I only trust my beloved family but I never trust my beloved MR.
May be my thought will be difference after I am already married. Huh but still cannot trust him... Mak aihhh what a stupid thinking is this Miss Nurul???? Come on la miss. Please do trust him even 50%. Uih... cannot! 30% je cukup. Ermm.... saya ni penakut sebenarnya. Takut nak percaya orang.
He told me that once he love a girl, he will always love her. There's no more except her in his heart. He wont looking for someone else anymore. But the most BUT is, please do not dumb him back.
Hmmmm.... such a typical men's statement.
To make the statement stronger, semalam after a few months of his words, his adik angkat also advice me the same thing. She said she know him. And again repeating the same message but just in a different way of sentences. So sis, please trust him.
Ermmm..... still I not yet put a 50% hope to him.
Me just pray that we will last till the end.

A good life is a collection of happy memories.

Macam tu ke kawan?

Siapa tahu apa makna kawan yang sebenar? Do you really have friends with you? Arghhhhhhhhhhhh x suka cakap isu ni sebab sakit hati nak explain. But i still have my right to say whatever i like whatever i want as long as i get relieved.
Kalau kita ada kawan, hargai lah dia dan cuba fahami dia sebab, bila kita susah kita perlukan kawan.
Statement: "saya tak tau kenapa dia merajuk"
Moral: Are you sure you really donno or just pretend like the other party is stupid to merajuk without reason. Merajuk is not the correct word to describe it. But more to she felt really really hurt with her once 'best friend ever'. Think first before you say something. It might hurt your friend's feelings.
I didn't say you are wrong and i am correct. But you said " Ha'aa aku perfect and kor bongok"
Think again what i mean and why i said so must have some reasons. It is not because i dont want to sacrifies or what ever. I am glad to make it happened but i just need the other party to understand my situation. Plus please think of my safety and my condition of travelling like HELL which will almost around the world in 1 day if taking a bus.
Can anybody answer me what is wrong with bringing outsider with question is it safe to stay like what we planned? Huh! What a stupid combination of interconnection between two different issues.
As a result the friend blame me as menyusahkan and x nak berkorban. Suddenly "I donno what is wrong with that Noi, why she merajuk"
Am i really x nak berkorban? Who is the one yang sanggup turun KL just to celebrate her best friend's birthday at GENTING HIGHLAND?
Did the friend go and do something for her birthday? Yes, Of course the friend did something. The friend wish her a Happy Birthday through sms. The friend gave RM20 Jusco Voucher on February 2008 as a birthday present for July 2007. Thank you.
I am not demanding for money or whatever. I just really really kecik ati do i really dont want to sacrifies? Why the friend cannot understand the friend's friend. Why the friend can say such a words without thinking how the friend's friend's feelings?
Dear the friend, I am waiting for 'i am sorry' words.
Take Care.
A good life is a collection of happy memories.

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