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Selasa, 25 Mac 2008

Trust & Believe

It is really difficult for me to trust somebody. I am afraid to trust people which caused me to always thinking something negatively. How to trust someone? I only trust my beloved family but I never trust my beloved MR.
May be my thought will be difference after I am already married. Huh but still cannot trust him... Mak aihhh what a stupid thinking is this Miss Nurul???? Come on la miss. Please do trust him even 50%. Uih... cannot! 30% je cukup. Ermm.... saya ni penakut sebenarnya. Takut nak percaya orang.
He told me that once he love a girl, he will always love her. There's no more except her in his heart. He wont looking for someone else anymore. But the most BUT is, please do not dumb him back.
Hmmmm.... such a typical men's statement.
To make the statement stronger, semalam after a few months of his words, his adik angkat also advice me the same thing. She said she know him. And again repeating the same message but just in a different way of sentences. So sis, please trust him.
Ermmm..... still I not yet put a 50% hope to him.
Me just pray that we will last till the end.

A good life is a collection of happy memories.

2 Kata-kata Magik:

Frau Azima Baha berkata...

amboi amboi..moga dimudahkan jalan ke arah 100% huhu..

fLuRrY.bLuRrY.bUbBLy. berkata...

keskeskes..... x sabo2 azima yer.. awk balik malaysia raya tahun ni tu cpt sgt la dear. tak terkejor teman. hahahah. :D


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