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Selasa, 25 Mac 2008

Macam tu ke kawan?

Siapa tahu apa makna kawan yang sebenar? Do you really have friends with you? Arghhhhhhhhhhhh x suka cakap isu ni sebab sakit hati nak explain. But i still have my right to say whatever i like whatever i want as long as i get relieved.
Kalau kita ada kawan, hargai lah dia dan cuba fahami dia sebab, bila kita susah kita perlukan kawan.
Statement: "saya tak tau kenapa dia merajuk"
Moral: Are you sure you really donno or just pretend like the other party is stupid to merajuk without reason. Merajuk is not the correct word to describe it. But more to she felt really really hurt with her once 'best friend ever'. Think first before you say something. It might hurt your friend's feelings.
I didn't say you are wrong and i am correct. But you said " Ha'aa aku perfect and kor bongok"
Think again what i mean and why i said so must have some reasons. It is not because i dont want to sacrifies or what ever. I am glad to make it happened but i just need the other party to understand my situation. Plus please think of my safety and my condition of travelling like HELL which will almost around the world in 1 day if taking a bus.
Can anybody answer me what is wrong with bringing outsider with question is it safe to stay like what we planned? Huh! What a stupid combination of interconnection between two different issues.
As a result the friend blame me as menyusahkan and x nak berkorban. Suddenly "I donno what is wrong with that Noi, why she merajuk"
Am i really x nak berkorban? Who is the one yang sanggup turun KL just to celebrate her best friend's birthday at GENTING HIGHLAND?
Did the friend go and do something for her birthday? Yes, Of course the friend did something. The friend wish her a Happy Birthday through sms. The friend gave RM20 Jusco Voucher on February 2008 as a birthday present for July 2007. Thank you.
I am not demanding for money or whatever. I just really really kecik ati do i really dont want to sacrifies? Why the friend cannot understand the friend's friend. Why the friend can say such a words without thinking how the friend's friend's feelings?
Dear the friend, I am waiting for 'i am sorry' words.
Take Care.
A good life is a collection of happy memories.

4 Kata-kata Magik:

Frau Azima Baha berkata...

uik...sabo sabo..sesungguhnya roda itu bulat..

fLuRrY.bLuRrY.bUbBLy. berkata...

nasib baik la roda ni bulat. kalo dia b'segi2, lagi sakit ati gua beb. hehehhe

reza berkata...


1.sebagai orang yg mengenali aku...sah sah aku ckp tuh in sarcasm sense! hello dah kor ckp aku aku perfect lah...dan kor bongok...faham2 sendiri

pls dont get overly sentimental over such crap

peace out

fLuRrY.bLuRrY.bUbBLy. berkata...

eleh.. :p
btw peace V


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