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Selasa, 29 April 2008

Go Girls!! We did it AGAIN!

Just to update back dated story....

Last weekend we went to hiking again at same place but with diff person. For this time 3 super power beautiful angels gamble redah hutan dengan beraninya without men besides.

Here are some photos.

Mission completed! 3 of us successfully reached the last terminal.

A good life is a collection of happy memories.

Isnin, 28 April 2008

CNN update.

Sambungan kisah CNN ----->>

While me still confused with my own life, this 'creature' still come accrossed the bother line.

Early in the morning:

"#@#.. semalam ada ayah #@# ikut pertandingan menembak di Changkat Jong, teluk intan tak? [08.12am]"

Mak aihhhh x sempat2 aku sampai ofis..

See!!! I told you. This creature make a move... This creature really make some efforts.

Uwaaa.... really scarred.

A good life is a collection of happy memories.
p/s: I dont want dis kind of memories. :(

Honey.. Please come here lorr..

Kenapa hidup penuh dengan tanda soal?? Penuh dengan ketidak pastian dengan keputusan yang sepatutnya kita pilih. Kalau la kita bole tau masa depan kita mcm mana, mesti tak payah susah hati nak fikir.
This morning my rezeki datang lagi.
Now my students almost reach to 6 persons. My mata duitan $$$$ hoho tengah menggila ni. I just started tutoring for only 1 month.

MOney~~ mOneY~~ MoNeY~~

How could i get back my extra $$$$ if i move out from Penang??? Some ppl said duit kita bole cari... Tapi i have to start searching again from the beginning. Not like here, i already have my tapak to start up. Benda dah memang dalam tangan, sayangnya nak lepaskan. Dulu masa x dpt job, x de pulak perasaan nak pindah randah. Ni job dah BEST merata la pulak kena fikir.

For those sape-sape yg byk masa terbuang macam saya, and x de skill nak berbusiness n no modal to start up, Home Tutor is my way. I can earn more than 1K+ from it. But please.... it needed you to be fully committed with your responsibilities. And you have to arrange your life earlier to make everything scheduled. Have to be fair within my engineering career and this home tuition teaching.

Honey, i really need you to be here. Not me moving there either. Erghhh!!!! Why la so difficult to know the best desicion????

A good life is a collection of happy memories.

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