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Isnin, 14 April 2008

Weekend yang BEST!

Last Friday Kak Ina (my current nearest boyfriend) & I went to Jemputree Restaurant at Jalan Burmah, Penang. The restaurant was such a very calm and quiet happening place to visit. It was a very very lovely rain forest within various tree houses plus a very nice and delicious food. I very much like the unique culture of Malaysian+Bali decoration of the restaurant.

Terasa sangat kenyang but a little bit disappointed sbb we forgot to snap photos of us there. Hope i won't forget to do so if I go there again later. ~blurp~

My weekend activities continuous for the next day, Saturday morning... Woke up a little bit early washed my bed sheet and comforter, waiting for tuan rumah dtg nak betulkan paip. She came with 2 of course Chinese plumbers and i saw the bill was RM135. :) Luckily we were not the one who have to pay for it.

Again me and my beloved current nearest bf, miss Zarina went to Queens Bay Mall. I bought a pair of jeans with my new smaller size. (heheh the size still secret but almost reach the target). Suddenly terbeli skali jacket jeans sbb OK n murah. Hmmm ni la akibat suddenly & tiba-tiba. keskeskes....

From the most glamourest shopping complex, we went to pasar malam to buy some fruits and cheaper Asian food. Typical makanan pasar malam, rangka ayam and apam balik. Reached home by 9+pm, tired and sleep...

My energatic Sunday started early in the morning. Yey! I want to go hiking!!!.. Huhu semangat giler nak pegi. Woke up at 7am mandi manda and here I go. Taman Belia (Youth Park)!!!!

The park is ideal for picnicking, camping, archery and aero-modelling. Hikers can use a foothpath that leads to Penang Hill. The centre piece of the park is a roller-skating rink. Located at Quarry Drive near the Botanical Gardens.The park is where a few hundreds meters away, this ridge used to be covered with pristine trees, but they are mostly gone now, due to the expansion of the Indian temple. Yea..... i can see the construction progress of disturbing our mountain and lovely forest only for this temple.
I love this kind of activity which can make me healthy and relieved with the greenish view of our nature and fresh air with the sounds of insects really fit with my eyes and my ears. Very proud to say I could never get it in KL hectic town with full of smokes and dust. Huhu...
Very much tiring for the whole day, i fall asleep from 6pm to 10pm. Huyoooo!!! -fainted-
Itu pun terbangun sbb t'kejut bunyi call. OIC my dearest Mr was calling. Story telling session, meluah perasaan sana sini.. Then, he cool down and more released. Dear, u r so lucky to have me who will calm u down every time you feel depressed. Pas tu dah x leh tido, OMG my Sunday night was almost finished!!!
Baru terkial-kial nak bangun, iron baju keje.. Makan and tengok tv sampai ngantuk balik. Around 2am... ZzZZzZ

A good life is a collection of happy memories.

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