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Rabu, 11 Januari 2012

Lipas kudung nak terbang.

Anybody pernah tak ada feeling ala-ala lipas kudung nak terbang?
Memang la saya tak pernah pun jadi lipas dan tak tahu pun apa perasaan Si Lipas. Tapi simpulan bahasa lipas kudung tu dah bermaksud bergerak dalam kadar yang sangat pantas di tambah dengan nak terbang akan jadi lebih kurang "sepantas kilat" lah kot.
Minggu ni straight saya lambat masuk office. Tadi sipi-sipi lagi 2 minit. 
Larat ke hari-hari nak sms boss; `saya lambat sikit jam teruk nak masuk KESAS' `hari ni saya lambat lagi ada traffic light rosak pulak' `saya lambat, td dah nak keluar my kid muntah'. All are reasonable and memang saya tak tipu.
I wish i could start work at 9 am is very much convenient to me. 

Every day i only have less than 10 mins to prepare myself. Tak ada masanya nak foundation blusher make up ke hapa semua tu. Even to put on lipstick. Bye bye je la. Sedih! Terasa jugak la comot betul saya ke office. Tapi.... i dont have much time for that.

Malam tadi at almost 1.30am Hannah still tak tido lagi nak main-main. Then at 3am plus suddenly she muntah. I have no idea at what time i exactly fall asleep heavenly. 
Pagi when i woke up, she pun also bangun. Memang dah tak boleh nak buat kerja lain unless dukung Hannah and bring him to the kitchen too.

Every morning i will do my very best untuk siapkan air for my husband. Tak sempat yang hebat, at least i will prepare a mug of 3 in 1 Nestum and hot nescafe in his tumbler.
Grab his singlet, boxer and socks and prepare little Hannah school bag.
Change my girl `already full diaper' and then only i can take bath and siap-siap for less than another 10 mins.

Worse case i have to do all in one hand by holding my 9kg little Hannah. Boleh jadi muscle builder may be. Do not forget i am also carrying 23++ weeks of Hannah younger brother in my womb. Hebat kan..

Driving 140kmh along KESAS highway i will not surprised if there's me in speed trap camera. 
There goes my daily morning routine.

Luckily dearest husband brings Hannah to school. If not i will be more super duper late comer to office every single day.

All my colleagues are male and do they care about all these morning routine? They are married with a housewife and kids aged 4-9 yo.. Do they need to bother? I hardly believed they won't.
But i am a working pregnant mother and wife with 10mo kid.
Sangat berbeza kan??

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