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Sabtu, 4 April 2009

TAG: No.6 and No.6 Photo

aiyaakkkk... baru noticed kena tagged lagi..

Sorry ya  Mam CT noi tak perasan.


1. Go to your Picture Folder on your computer or wherever you store your pictures.

2. Go to the 6th Folder and then pick the 6th Picture.

3. Post it on your bloggy and tell the story that goes with the picture.

4. Tag 5 other glorious peoples to do the same thing and leave a comment on their bloggy tellin’ them ’bout it.


Nama dia Norhayati binti Ruslan. Kawan baik saya masa blaja kat Uniten dulu. Kitorang roomate since 1st year 1st semester.

Dia budak accounting yang mmg sangat kontra dgn aku budak engine. Tapi kitorang ada 1 persamaan iaitu kitorang layan oldies.

Suka pasang lagu oldies kuat-kuar masa tengah study. Masyuk beb... Feeling jer rasa masa tu wlupun masing2 tgh struggle lain-lain konsep.

Kitorang ada lagu tema nama dia "Lagu Cepoink" Reason sebab lagu ni jadi "Cepoink",  masa tu tengah short semeseter. Kitorang layan satu mp3 oldies ni gila-gila n sem tu dua2 score 3.++. -wiwi-

Pastu kan bila kawan room sebelah tanya nape nama lagu tu "Cepoink" kitorg x leh nak ckp sbb bilik sebelah derang x score exm padahal derang pn kaki study jugak.

Gambar tu masa dia datang jalan-jalan kat Penang.

okeh abis dah memori silam..

1. Reza

2. K ina

3. Zurie

4. Inaz

5. Munek

6. Saloma..

Anda-anda semua sila buat tag saya yer...

Khamis, 2 April 2009

Eye can't lies

Just got this from my boss; Subject of the email : For your leisure reading. (Huhu klu kita mesti suka forward email yg merapu.. kan kan..)

Quite interesting issue which we never care off.

 Eye-Blink / Eye-Flutter Behavior

Our blink rate increases when we are aroused, troubled, nervous, or concerned, and it returns to normal when we are relaxed. A series of rapid eye blinks may reflect an inner struggle. For instance, if someone says something we don’t like, we may actually flutter our eyelids. Similarly, we might also do so if we are having trouble expressing ourselves in a conversation.

---- Pernah tak korang take concern pasal nih?? Memang tak pernah langsung aku terlintas nak amik tau actually.----

 BOX 51:


Observing for eyelid flutter can help you read people and adjust your behavior accordingly. For instance, in a social gathering or business meeting, the socially adept will look for this behavior to assess participants’ comfort. Something is troubling the individual whose lids are quivering.

This nonverbal is very accurate, and in some people it will start precisely at the moment an issue arises. For instance, in conversation, an onset of eyelid flutter indicates the subject has become controversial or unacceptable and a change of topic is probably in order. The sudden appearance of this nonverbal signal is important and should not be ignored, if you want your guests to be comfortable.

In short, kalau nak tau org tu confortable ke tak, tengok mata dia blinking obviously ker tidak.. heheheheh It would be very reluctant to lable

 anyone a liar just because their blink rate increases, since any stress, including being asked questions in public,  can cause the blink rate to




At first i am very excited waiting for this coming weekend. Darling will come over and declared it would be our "dating weekend". Hermmm... but then;

Hi Gene, both Melvin & Nurul Hafizah will be joining the PLBC team on-site Saturday & Sunday to render support as well as executing the end user test validation. The MRD lead will be on-call and available on-site if required. I will follow-up as well. Thanks.

 From My Boss :D

 Uwaaa....  sob..sob..

Resah gelisah nyer rasa.. Earlier i knew that  i should prepared for standby but then it only halfday on Sunday morning. So i have decided to agree with him for coming over the weekend. Tapi ni dah Sabtu n Ahad nak dating kebendanya..

Im sorry dear.. :(

As in returned, I bought this for us. Baeeekkk punya seat tau yg.. Middle n centre of the row. Huahuahua...


"Abg x mrh pn.. abg x kisah.. yang penting ada masa tuk abg kat sana nnt"

-wink- ;;)

Selasa, 31 Mac 2009

Jom menari. :D

Soalan innocent daripada sahabatku;

"Noi earth hour nanti ko join tak?"

Aku join kot..

"so peti ais semua kena padam gak ke??"

hehehe x de la aku sampai nak details mcm tu. Just tutup lampu tv sume tu la kot.

"tv pon???? tapi......."

errmmmm... dah tu?? lampu je ke?

"entah rasa cam lampu jer. Abih ko nak wat apa?? duduk depan peti ais nari???"

Kahkahkah.. Bengong la ko ni. Kenapa depan peti ais???

On the exact day. 8.30pm-9.30pm

Me SMS sahabatku itu..

"Apa ko buat?? Tengah menari depan peti ais ke??

"Tak aku wat yoga kat The Curve"




Ahad, 29 Mac 2009

Ben was good..

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button..



May be i were a lil bit outdated. Tapi Reza, aku berjaya tengok movie ni sampai abis. Huh Akhirnya.. I love it.

Chop jangan gelak kn aku eh Reza.. Aku tau aku bukan sort of  "movie maniac" Tapi ko pernah ckp ko tak tengok cite ni kn????

3 sessions aku nak abiskn movie ni. At 1st i thought it was a boring movie. Ye la awl2 dah tunjuk baby tua. Serious buruk gila.. trus potong mood nak tengok.

But then i tried the 2nd time last night. Ok dah start nak rasa excited. Heheh tp half way tertido jugak. Herm panjang betul cite nih..

And this morning i successfully completed the story. Kind of backward of human nature. Herm.. rasa nnt nak tengok lg but this time straight non stop the whole story.

hihi.. wish me luck!


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