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Khamis, 2 April 2009


At first i am very excited waiting for this coming weekend. Darling will come over and declared it would be our "dating weekend". Hermmm... but then;

Hi Gene, both Melvin & Nurul Hafizah will be joining the PLBC team on-site Saturday & Sunday to render support as well as executing the end user test validation. The MRD lead will be on-call and available on-site if required. I will follow-up as well. Thanks.

 From My Boss :D

 Uwaaa....  sob..sob..

Resah gelisah nyer rasa.. Earlier i knew that  i should prepared for standby but then it only halfday on Sunday morning. So i have decided to agree with him for coming over the weekend. Tapi ni dah Sabtu n Ahad nak dating kebendanya..

Im sorry dear.. :(

As in returned, I bought this for us. Baeeekkk punya seat tau yg.. Middle n centre of the row. Huahuahua...


"Abg x mrh pn.. abg x kisah.. yang penting ada masa tuk abg kat sana nnt"

-wink- ;;)

1 Kata-kata Magik:

mrsdjones berkata...

waaa.. fast and furious.. ct nak tgk gak.. hopefully next week, dating berdua lalalaaa.. best tak ceritanya?


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