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Khamis, 2 April 2009

Eye can't lies

Just got this from my boss; Subject of the email : For your leisure reading. (Huhu klu kita mesti suka forward email yg merapu.. kan kan..)

Quite interesting issue which we never care off.

 Eye-Blink / Eye-Flutter Behavior

Our blink rate increases when we are aroused, troubled, nervous, or concerned, and it returns to normal when we are relaxed. A series of rapid eye blinks may reflect an inner struggle. For instance, if someone says something we don’t like, we may actually flutter our eyelids. Similarly, we might also do so if we are having trouble expressing ourselves in a conversation.

---- Pernah tak korang take concern pasal nih?? Memang tak pernah langsung aku terlintas nak amik tau actually.----

 BOX 51:


Observing for eyelid flutter can help you read people and adjust your behavior accordingly. For instance, in a social gathering or business meeting, the socially adept will look for this behavior to assess participants’ comfort. Something is troubling the individual whose lids are quivering.

This nonverbal is very accurate, and in some people it will start precisely at the moment an issue arises. For instance, in conversation, an onset of eyelid flutter indicates the subject has become controversial or unacceptable and a change of topic is probably in order. The sudden appearance of this nonverbal signal is important and should not be ignored, if you want your guests to be comfortable.

In short, kalau nak tau org tu confortable ke tak, tengok mata dia blinking obviously ker tidak.. heheheheh It would be very reluctant to lable

 anyone a liar just because their blink rate increases, since any stress, including being asked questions in public,  can cause the blink rate to



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