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Selasa, 17 Julai 2007


Its my Birthday today!!! arghhhh tidaaaaaak its increase again each year. huhu.... takutnya.

Byk jugak dpt bday wishes dr kawan2 n yg baru jd kawan. My mom n dad bg present. Its really pink but nice n i love it. Food pun best. Ayah I like the yam. its yummy n crunchy.

Weekend hari tu g shopping baju. X larat satu hari survey. Even x byk, tp aku puas sbb dah belikn utk diorg n ringankn beban ayah. Hope u guys will appreciate it ; my three younger brothers. I'll do my best for my family. Especially for ayah n ummi. I am not the way I am now without them. Thank you so much.

Its still a long journey to go. Past experienced thought me to be a better person. But i'll never forget the bitterest thing about him. I'll keep it for the rest of my life.


Its Tuesday.

It was a very nice weekend. Nothing much happened.
Arghhh malasnya nak stat keje balik.

Early in da morning:

Huhu pg2 lg aku dah pecahkn mug kat umah. Nak cepat sgt tadi. Rutin seperti biasa bgn nak g keje as usual malas yg mmg x hengat nye la. Tp ku gagahkn jgk diri.
Waiting for weekend again.

Hari ni both my housemate got new models to design. They dont want to give it to me as I had just finish my project last week. It doesn't matter. Give a chance to another.
Hehe... but i hope there's another set for 9Cell and of course i'll ask for that one like what Abiru-san said, they are planning to have 9Cell set also.

After working:

At home, im alone. Both two girls are doing OT. SMS with him until I fall asleep. Im not feeling very well, cough and flu and sometime like fever. Huhu dont know which one. Suddenly I can see da moon. (dah tido la tu) Zzzzzzzz.....

Its the END of today.


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