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Selasa, 17 Julai 2007


Its my Birthday today!!! arghhhh tidaaaaaak its increase again each year. huhu.... takutnya.

Byk jugak dpt bday wishes dr kawan2 n yg baru jd kawan. My mom n dad bg present. Its really pink but nice n i love it. Food pun best. Ayah I like the yam. its yummy n crunchy.

Weekend hari tu g shopping baju. X larat satu hari survey. Even x byk, tp aku puas sbb dah belikn utk diorg n ringankn beban ayah. Hope u guys will appreciate it ; my three younger brothers. I'll do my best for my family. Especially for ayah n ummi. I am not the way I am now without them. Thank you so much.

Its still a long journey to go. Past experienced thought me to be a better person. But i'll never forget the bitterest thing about him. I'll keep it for the rest of my life.

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