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Isnin, 4 Januari 2010

Sape baik hati nak tolong???

Semua keje pending. Ye saya stress bila keja sangkut.

Why??? Sebab nanti meeting, boss trus tanya; Nurul, apa status. How the progress??

Aku? -nganga- gila ke apa macam tu.

As in normal procedures, mech eng will provide us(pcb designer)  .dxf data for board outline.

yeahh... he did provided me the data. But then it was empty.

I did find alternative to convert the original drawing from his design into .dxf on my own using AutoCAD.

What did u aspect dari org yang tak pernah guna that software mcm saya ni. Apatah lagi for complex details with all chamfers, miters and everything which involved in mechanical technics.

I used to seek helps from support ppls and all keep saying there's something wrong with the original drawing.

Which is the mechanical drawing itself.

I had emailed him few couple of times, follow up some more; all the steps and procedures to draw it in AutoCad but still no change. He said he followed the steps.. But i can see the layer naming still the same. Not too sure did anything changed???

Now what should i do? Does it still on my shoulder??

Just because of this my Notebook layout still pending. I cannot start design without the board outline MR.

Who else can help me? was thingking to hire someone for this. I pay. (seriously desperate)

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