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Rabu, 19 September 2007

Start to change!

Hi Friends.
I used this blog to share something that I am very interested with. Straight to the point is I lose 3kg in 10 days. Isn't it much much the GREATEST news I ever had???? I am very excited to tell you guys that i already lose 14kg compared to my weight for almost 1yr ago. tralalalalalalal... best nyerr.. (",)
Now I feel healthier, very energetic, happier, more confidence, and of course rasa more prettier even though i am not that much pretty.. hehehe...The secret is I used Herbalife as my supplements. Its very good for me and I always miss my cappuccino and dutch chocolate shakes everyday. yummy..yummy...

Owh ya petang semalam ada sorang aunty department sebelah ni tegur. X pernah2 cakap ngan dia selama ni pun. She said " Hey Nurul you lose weight huh? U look different..." I just smiling widely like this :D

A good life is a collection of happy memories.

2 Kata-kata Magik:

puterry berkata...

ewahh cik nurul...promote eh? wakakakaa..baik la korg mkn herbalife, kalu tak, diet cam nak rak pun sebulan 2kg je aku trun. dgn herbalife, anda pasti yakin.muahahahaa

fLuRrY.bLuRrY.bUbBLy. berkata...

Its not promote. Just to tell them how good I feel now. And 1 more thing, correction plz.. its not only to lose weight purposely but for my skin n a healthy body. -wink-


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