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Rabu, 23 Disember 2009

Still friends

Thank you Allah..

As what i've said; once it started, there will be more. Hopefully there will be more and more and so far very much Alhamdulillah.

I've been waiting for two months with i got nothing since moving to KL last Ramadhan. Which is really not satisfy me at all. Terasa macam ada yang tak lengkap.

Dulu masa saya kat Penang, memang saya akui hidup sedikit hectic.. Saya hilang kawan-kawan due to my busy life.

Someone asked me how did you manage to handle your job and your class. To be smart and sacrifies, I made it both.

I used to settle my class at Butterworth 8pm-10pm then went to office for meeting at 11pm straight.

I used to catch up my night class then turned up to the office to continue my work late at night.

Crazy isn't it..

-That's me- 

For me, if you really want and need it, there must be a way to get it.

-W.h.e.r.e  t.h.e.r.e.'.s a w.i.l.l .;. t.h.e.r.e.'.s a w.a.y-

Saya pernah rasa terbuang dengan kawan-kawan sebab saya sibuk. Orang nak ajak jalan-jalan, pegi makan jadi terbantut sebab "ermm... noi mesti ada class" then it contributes to throw me away from any activities.

Later, I am in my own world. Do not care on what happened around me, never concerned with what is going on within my colleagues and i in their perspectives.

I even not realized people keep saying something bad about me.

How poor i am.

I am not blind nor deaf, just dont want to take part if it does not lend me any benifits.

It doesn't matter.... at least i dont have much time to say anything about others badly.

Am i selfish?

No i am NOT.

I need friends... But family will come first. The most important to me is my family. I will lose friends but will never lose my family.. parents and my brothers.

So far.. as what am I concerned I only have my family and my fiancee as the friends of mine in reality here. 'Here' means in my new life now..

But never forget my other buddies who always be with me virtually.. Who always made me laugh and helps me in what ever situations eventough i cant see your eye-to-eye sincerity. hikhik.... 

They were my old friends now and ever.

Friend is a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.

Doesn't matter they exist in virtually or in reality. They were still friends.

Thank you buddies.

2 Kata-kata Magik:

eda on 24 Disember 2009 6:41 PTG berkata...

Dearest noi....amboi ini lepas geram abih nih...hehe...dear friend, virtual tak virtual ko still kawan aku...even ko "sibuk" sangat aku tetap invite kalo ada aktiviti kan kan? hehe..and ur a good friend too..tak pernah la kalau aku ganggu idup ko di ym ko tak reply...lambat tu biasa la kalo keje kan..u did give me a lot of support..emotionally and mentally.. ;p

True...where there is a will there is a way..But i can't do it your way..and yes, ur one crazy girl for this! hehe..There's so many options in life..and that's your way and i respect it..cuma..ur not a robot..ur human.. people need rest..satu hari cukup la..hehe..

Luv you always..

bot ;D

mrsdjones berkata...

I agree with you on this one. Mmg life is short, time muda2 ni la nak utilize the time you have dgn kerja dan usaha. Tua nnt nak rehat2 dan bersantai dgn family. Yes, family comes first! Sgt setuju and you will never lose a good friend. They will always be around no matter how far you go or how busy you are. :) Take care Noi.

As for me, I have feelings of affection towards you as a friend. Hope we can meet each other in the real world soon. Keep it up cikgu! hehe


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