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Rabu, 28 Mac 2012

My Toddler.

 Your toddler's increasing control over her hands means that your hands may be even fuller than usual. She'll poke and prod everything that interests her, which probably means anything within reach. Your toddler may scribble with a crayon, grab a spoonful of kaya, or rub her fingers in tomato sauce just to see what happens. Though you may be all too familiar with the outcome - more cleaning up for you - remember that your child learns something about the consequences of her actions from every one of her messy experiments.
 Owhh my goodness apa yg Babycenter ni cakap so so and soooo true.

Tangan dia lagi cepat dari apa yang kita jangka. End-up all will become very messy and untidy. Sape yang kena kemas balik?? Who else... Mommy la.

Semalam masa nak bagi Scott Emulsion Hannah tepis habis tumpah sebotol lepas tu buat masker sapu kat muka, jadi shampoo kepala.. Rasa-rasa boleh marah tak??? Ya Allah kan ke hanyir bau minyak ikan tu Tuhan je la yang tau. Tapi Hannah ni macam dah tegar je dengan bau hanyir tu. Aiyarkkk...

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