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Jumaat, 10 Ogos 2007

Hi there!
Its been a week and there's a lot of things happened in my life. hmmm... Trying to catch up how my life flowing. Jap ye nak ingat balik.. ;)

I met him at Seberang Jaya since he will be around north area for 1 week. Struggling cari hotel dia stay tu x tau kat ne. Dah la x pnh pegi outside island sejak duk sini dah dekat setahun. Except highway la kan. Errmmm he said I look pretty in my dress that night.. hihihi... Rasa nak floating. :D

Nothing much, just as usual daily routine. Owh ya i found something interesting tru jobstreet. Its about makin money and become beautiful. I study bout it da whole day in da offce. My brother was in Penang Island but we cannot meet because i dont want to disturb him with all the bosses.

I told Reza about my plan and he also interested to be my partner. So we both work duet as what he said. So income nnt kita share jugak la kan.. Semangat ni nak wat bisness.. As my best friend with me, i hope i will success. Today 'He' was in Sg Petani.

I got a letter from ADDS and im seriously want to make it successful. Reza i bet you to see a new me during this coming Hari Raya. InsyaAllah kalau panjang umur.
My brother was already in Kangar rite now. Planning esok nak balik KL balik. He ask me pasal server and programming. Helllloooo!!! Sure2 la I dont know. Out of my region. But its ok I helped him as much as I can. Actually rasanya I help you 'nothing' hahahah...

Its still too early to conclude my today. BTW he will going back to KL by today. :(
I'll update later..


4 Kata-kata Magik:

Anonymous berkata...

quote (by mysteriousmine): My brother was in Penang Island but we cannot meet because i dont want to disturb him with all the bosses.

ermm..1st mentioned as my brother, later 'He'.y u make him like ghost..darling?!! (wink*)

mysterious.mind berkata...

erk... is it kinda a ghost??? 'He' is simpler to explain compared to 'my brother' if its keep repeating so many times.

thanezra berkata...

aku pening

apa nih
dan jantan mana nih
dah pandai

mysterious.mind berkata...

hi reza... x kan x noticed lg since you know me???


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