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Rabu, 23 April 2008

disconnected continuity~

I will feel regret if I postpone my trip to hometown sbb there is a very special event especially my brother's birthday. And of course my parent are waiting for their beloved and only daughter to come home.. It is really hard for me to re-make it on next week due to my full schedules.
(OMG... I donno how & I dont have strength to tell my parent about this)

On this 25th May; my dear Mr's birthday. Again.. due to my very tight life program, and a long distance relationship, originally we plan to celebrate it earlier 17th-19th grabbing a chance of public holiday again (Wesak Day) on 19th. No choice I have to ask the parent to postpone that Sunday's class to some other day. (But this situation is before i got an interview call a few days ago...)

THEN HOW NOW??????????????

Dear my genius brain.. please think the best way..
Dear my precious GOD, ALLAH SWT please guide me the way.

A good life is a collection of happy memories.

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