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Rabu, 23 April 2008

~Horoscope kata disconnected~

Dear Nurul Hafizah,Here is your horoscope for Wednesday, April 23:
You've got a disconnect between your social obligations and your home life, but you should be able to find a creative solution to keep everyone happy. Things should settle back to normal soon.
I love to read Horoscope.. But never says to believe it either. This yg rajin nak anta kat aku ari2 to my Yahoo mail, so I just red it.
And here, in a time being, kebetulan.. accidently.. me in a dilemma to make a judgement on how to choose and make a sharp desicion "between my social obligations and my home life" Pasal ni jugak aku jd x reti mcm mana nak explain to my parent. Huhuhu since everything have to be in scheduled because of my tuition commitments, it is very much difficult for me to re-arrange my day. :(
I've promised my parent n my family i will 'balik kampung' and will take a leave on this coming Friday (2nd May 2008) due to 1st of May is a Public Holiday and on that day was also my 3rd brother's BIRTHDAY! And because of my tuition reason, I must get back to Penang on Saturday since I have class on Sunday morning.
Ok the next issu is>>>
I got an interview at Malacca on that same Friday which i already plan to take leave. Huwaaaa me in confused. How to make everythings fair n everybody satisfied?? Should i accept the job intrview or just go home celebrating my brother's birthday?
Alahaiiii mcm mana ni.. Aku x tau nak buat keputusan cane.. Mana lebih penting? Future career ke balik visit family? Kalo tanya aku, aku nak dua2..
Kepentingan try intrview itu:
1. Klu dapat, aku berjaya tuka field dari seorang PCB Designer ke Project devision yg scope keje nmpk luas n akan cover mcm2 but still included pcb design a little bit n plus have a wider range in engineering job market.
I know I am not yet strong enuff in my pcb design knowledge, but the job scope is quite small. I didn't say very small, but may be quite limited. I love to learn more on electronics knowledge, testing & troubleshooting. I pray to god if someday i can get a chance, really thanked to dear ALLAH coz giving me this opportunity.
I am sick of waiting for few months just hoping for a new project but the "busyness" will only can stand for a couple of days or may be the max within 2 weeks. (BORED of WAITING) That is a routine for all PCB Designers, commonly in Malaysia. (may be la.. sbb mostly designer kat tmpt lain pn sama.. very bored bila x de project, mcm nak gila bila project masuk.)
The BEST thing is, PCB designers are very uniqe and special because not everybody can do layout. (include also IC design) It is more to a creative thinking, arts and of course a design knowledge applied. You will feel the satifaction once a design was approved and you can touch a complete fabricated pcb with your own design or in a best way, you can see the products born from your own idea of creating the beautiful pattern of traces path and a very neat of components arrangement.
3. It is in Malacca. Why Malacca?? Who knows my rezeki is actually there. Who knows Malacca is a right place for me to built my future family.
Actually my dear Mr will start his new job in Cubic Electronics, Melaka started next Tuesday.
-wink- Get the hint? And if I have luck, my future company also located very near to him which even at same Phase 3 of Industrial Zone, Batu Berendam Melaka.
n Who knows my life will be better there. Malacca is accepted because it is not KL. I had opened up my mind i hope i won't get back to KL.
4. Melaka lg dekat dengan my hometown, Tanjung Malim terchenta itu. 3hrs only dah sampai.. Ayah, Umi, lagi dekat saya dengan umah, lagi selalu saya boleh balikkan... (",)
To be continued....
A good life is a collection of happy memories.

2 Kata-kata Magik:

ima berkata...

awat tanak pi interview..siok la interview, bleh test market tengok how much you're worth ;) hope you'll see the light at the end of the tunnel, insyaAllah

fLuRrY.bLuRrY.bUbBLy. berkata...

thanks for the 'doa' azima.. i need that light everytime mostly all the time.


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