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Selasa, 28 Oktober 2008

nothing than my DAY!

My whole day today was really tiring and in high demanding a judgment of my mind. I am exhausted with my day!

New version of Cadence is going to release and there's few other tasks were queuing under my hand too. To download the data from server itself will already taking like ages and extracting it can make me old!

Hmmm... my energy were used up until 10.30pm and i am just done with my day. ~sigh~

-----separating office work and tuition job-----

In fact, what is the most difficult thing was during my tuition class tonight. That is the complicatedness of being a teacher. Trying to help her student the best as she can, but it really upset her when they didn't put an effort to improve themselve.

Luckily i have my dear indirectly, who help me to calmdown. I felt very sad, distressed and worthless of myself. He keeps remind me of my responsibilities and it is my job to teach them.

Keep in mind never give up and must be patient!

That is my day and i end with my day again.

A good life is a collection of happy memories.

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