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Jumaat, 13 Mac 2009

Kena tag

Banyaknya soalan tag ko inaz!!!

1.Someone tells you they love you, you say...

For a beginning: erm... OK.

Later: I love u too.

2.If you won a lot of money on the lottery, what would you buy first?

  Mana leh main lottery..

Tp kalau lottery tu halal, clearkn hutang n hidup dengan aman..

3.Do you miss anyone?


4.Who was driving the last time you were in a car?

I am.

5.Do you like your bed?

Yes i do.

6.Will this weekend be a good one?

  I hope so. DATING..

7.Do you think you can last in a relationship for 6 months or more?

With GOD bless. YES.

8.How is your hair?


9.Do you like your life asof now?

Enough is impossible.

10.Do you wish someone would call or text you right now?


11.Do you drink coffee?


12.Does anyone call you babe or baby?


13.What were you doing yesterday at midnight?

   hoho... -wink- (mampus klu darling tau)

14.Do you like surprises?

  Love it. but only a good one.

15.What are your plans for the future?

   Be wealthier, be healthier, be happier..

16.Have you ever set foot in a tanning bed?


17.Do you make your bed everyday?


18.Your best friend tells you she is pregnant what is your reaction?

Excited.. Happened for Farah sampai lupa i was fasting and i treated her lunch.

19.Do you like pasta?

Very MUCH!

20.Whisper or shout?

   SHOUTTTT!!!! (really need an extreme shouts)

21.Swim or run?

   no choice.. have to run. I cant swim. heheh...

22.When did somebody tell you they loved you?

   Minggu lepas kot. But somebody told me he likes me last night.

23.Last person to annoy you?

   Mr BIG M

24.Do you wish your hair was shorter or longer than it currently is?

   Like mine now..

25.Do you have a secret that less than 3 people know about?

   YES.. and also secret that no one knows.

26.Have you ever had a phone conversation with someone who lived in a different state?

   (Apakah kaitan soalan nih???) NOPE

27.Do you and your best friend have the same cell company?

   YES. acive 10. hahah..

28.Are you good at persuading?

   Hehe... I am a persuader

29.Are there a lot of people in your house?

   Not really..

30.Does the same person call you every single day?


31.Last call received from who??

   Darling.. Bagi tau mlm ni gerak kul bape.

32.What are you doing tonight?

Tuition..Tunggu darling sampai.. Housekeping kain baju.

33.Do you have a guy friend you tell everything to?

Cannot be everything.. but yes can share anything to friend but not anything to darling. YES i have.

34.Are you friends with more guys or girls?


35. Tag 5 people

      1 . mrs djones

      2 . azima

      3 . Reza

      4. Bobot

      5 . Kak ina

      6.  Fadh

2 Kata-kata Magik:

zuris on 17 Mac 2009 11:20 PG berkata...

hohooo..ur dad seksi oo

ima on 20 Mac 2009 5:53 PG berkata...

siappp cikgu!!


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