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Khamis, 14 Februari 2013

Giving the best I 'have' for my babies.

Assalamualaikum people!

Just to inspire another stories of my passions; "giving the best i 'have' for my babies"

There are a few friends of mine complained; dia risau susu dah sikit. Dah tak banyak macam dulu. 
Saya tak expert, but i've gone trough the same situations as yours too.
Yang penting emak kena nekad, what ever happened, in what ever situation there must be a way!

"Hendak 100000000 daya, tak nak 100000000 dalih"
"When theres a will, theres a way"

Alhamdulillah my Harraz has been breastfeed exclusively at his age of 9 months old. And lucky me i have my Hannah too who is still breastfeed until now; another 2 weeks to reach her 24 months old.

Saya admit Hannah sangat memainkan peranan to sustain my milk production. 
When there are higher demand, there will be higher supply.

Stock frozen EBM Harraz pun tak la mewah macam orang lain. Honestly sekarang ni yang ada dalm freezer tu cukup bekalan untuk dua hari je. Which means 40oz for 8 feedings.
Sebab tu at work saya mesti jugak collect another 20oz per day so that it can covers for the 3rd day onwards. Meaning, bekalan susu tak boleh putus at least kena remain untuk 2 hari.

Also lucky me i am a working mother with sometime busy with work loads and went out for site meeting too.
There was a time where i need to go for day travel KL - Ipoh with my Japanese MD and i still need to make my EBM. What I did was, I brought along the machine and asked them to stop at R&R Tapah just because i need to pump. Kalau ikut malu, memang tak de la. Tapi kenapa nak malu kan... Or you can say that saya memang tak tahu malu. 

Bila kat ofis nak tak nak tak sempat, saya tetap jugak kena pam at least 2 kali sehari. Memang kebiasaannya 2 sesi je pun yang tersempat. Masa keje kita kena pandai arrange sendiri yang penting dapat apa kita nak.
Honestly saya akan balik keje dengan rasa tak best kalau tak dapat pam 2 kali or tak dapat collect amount yang saya nak. This is personally how i feel.

Biasa 1 sesi saya dapat 10oz. Let say saya cuma dapat 6oz, tak cukup nak cover demand Harraz yang 20oz sehari. Saya akan stop sekejap in withing 30 mins, then will continue for another 10 mins sampai la saya dapat 10oz untuk 1st half. This is what we called "Power Pumping" Also lucky me my pump station is just at the back side of my office.

Of course saya juga bukan la emak yang super rajin and has a lot of free time at home to make another pumping session. Tak de masa! So bila i on leave or MC, kids are at nursery saya gigihkan diri guna manual  pump for at least once.

In term of food pula, kena trial and error. Not only by taking super powerful my Shaklee supplements, natural food also does help. As for me my milk booster are protein based food. I will take ESP with full cream milk early morning before leaving to work, breakfast with something have eggs in the menu, nasi lemak or toasted bread with half boiled egg are my favorite. Sometime in the middle i drank soy bean milk. Further more in a sinful side, i still addicted to caffeine. Can't help! :) But not to forget of 3L water intake per day. My measurement is one 1.5L mineral water at work a day.

Personally, kalau emak betul-betul mahu, mesti Allah izinkan dengan apa jua jalan yang emak usahakan. 

Banyakan selawat, especially masa pumping. Start with Bismillah and Alhamdulillah on every single drops of your milk collected. Immagine your baby smiley faces and try to feel how you direct feeding your baby even  you are just doing machine sucking. :)

Work is work and will never end. But our babies are growing and emak normally will only got the chances in their first two years of the the child grows. 

Mommies, work hard and never giveup! 
Success doesn't come to you…you go to it

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