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Rabu, 27 Mac 2013

Choose either one or grab all?


This post may dedicated to all career women, a mummy of kids age 2 years and 11 months old and a wife with no maid at home.
Yes it describes me myself.

I would like to know, how these career women commit with work loads and handle their marriage life with toddler and baby, husband and house chores.
Obviously for a lady in that situation will find it is hard to stay in the office for working late. Agree??
As for me myself, balik lambat je I dah worry the kids should be hungry. The first thing that crossed my mind.

I am a lady engineer, design for PCB electronics equipments. So work loads normally came by season. Ada masa free gila, ada masa busy macam nak gila. And I believed this kind of work trends sama macam semua PCB designers out there.
Sorry, I tak tau trend keje lain macam mana. 

Does title for working late job does not meant for lady? Or ladies cannot be engineer once they got married and have kids and babies. Or all mummies must hire a maid if they still want to commit as lady engineer and working late?

Not fair! but that is the real situation. 

Different story bila the kids dah start sekolah. Then lady engineers need to wait until the kids sekolah only baru boleh nak berdedikasi???

If you attend for any interview, the 1st issue they will ask, can you working late? May i know your kids age? They also can predict if you still answer YES, but your children are only 2 years old and having baby. Or else they will ask do you have maid? What happen if you balik lambat and the kids at nursery?

What do you think the result will be?

It is not about qualification issue, even you passed the qualifying test. They just also understand that you cannot stay back to commit with work. 
So better they choose a guy instead.

Poor lady. :(


Kalau mak sorang pun boleh rasa nak pergi toilet pun tak sempat bila jaga anak dua, inikan pulak husband. I pernah tanya my husband, boleh tak kalau i tinggalkan Hannah and Harraz with you one whole day? White flag rise up! Surrender!

And also macam mana when your husband is working night shift. nobody can take care the children now. Sanggup nak tinggalkan anak dekat nursery sampai esok pagi? not me! 

What i can say, saya bersabar dan bertahan. Work load kat office cuba settlekan sepantas mungkin sebelum 5.30pm. If terpaksa i bring home only for weekend. 

Tapi, nak tuka keje lain tu rasanya belum cerah harapan. Of course saya tak salahkan anak-anak. Lahirnya mereka ke dunia, membawa rahmat dan rezeki yang besar kepada keluarga. Term rezeki itu luas.. Kaji sendiri dan selidik rezeki yang mereka bawa. :)

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