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Selasa, 19 Mac 2013

Hard time for me and her.

Assalamualaikum people!

Hannah is already 2 years old. I am graduated with my 2 years of breast feeding course for her.
Now i knew why the statement was like:

Only susu ibu until 6months old and do continue until 2 years old.

It doesnt mentioned only susu ibu until 2 years old. 

So i do believe i did it correctly by treating Hannah as casual breast feeding since she was 8 months old. 

Of course i am passionate with my breast feeding mission. Just that, based on my observation, mostly exclusively breastfeeding babies will have difficulties to consume milk as in everyday normal routine as other formula milk babies. Normally they will dependent on vitagen, susu kotak, fresh milk or any other expensive supplements. 
But how about when kita tak de bajet nak provide them with those kind of 'such milk replacement'? 

Kids need more calcium to grow up especially for their bones and teeth developments. 

Luckily my little girl finally loves her new Dutch Lady Biasa 123 and all the time mummy's milk very much! Dua-dua dia layan, mana la tak gebu kan. :)


Sooooooo now, I rasa it is enough period for Hannah to enjoy her breast feeding moments. I need to wean her off. What should i do???

Seriously i can say it is really really hard. 

Hannah menangis..
Hannah merajuk..
Hannah sedih..
Hannah tak boleh tido..

Mummy also rasa bersalah..
Mummy also feeling sad.
Mummy also started to miss the moment to breast feed her again and again.

But she is growing and she will learn. And Mummy also must keras hati.

I am sorry sayang, I have to do this. You are a big girl now, shy-shy and no cry! It is not because i don't love you anymore. Mummy still love you and will always love you until the end of my life.

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2 Kata-kata Magik:

~daRLee ZuRiS~ on 19 Mac 2013 12:08 PTG berkata...

memang susah nak wean off esp untuk anak2 yg bf aje.
cam maya dulu mcm2 cara gak aku wat sampailah taruk minyak kapak kat puting, baru berjaya.
slow2 beb. insyaallah berjaya :)

ladyfisz on 21 Mac 2013 2:40 PTG berkata...

aku dah buat dah zuris letak minyak kapak. pedas2 pun dia blasah je. sbb dia tau lps tu ilang. ada tips lain?


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