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Rabu, 27 Februari 2013

Pizza suka hati is how to cheat at cooking.

These few days mummy so lazy to do typical cooking. Apesal tah.. 
Yesterday was super hectic! I planned for my 1st attempt of home made pizza.
Did some Googling on recipe and list up all the needed ingredients in note.

Nak jadi cerita, yesterday evening was heavily raining meaning heavy traffic too.
I nak jugak-jugak make the pizza so even though i knew the time was almost 6.30pm, I went to Giant hypermarket just to do some quick groceries shopping.
I reached home at around 6.40pm. Cepatkan?? Cuba kalau leisure shopping, empat jam pun belum tentu kaluar dari kedai. :)

I did brought sooooo many types of bags with me too. 
Lappy bag, cooler bag, handbag and a few of Giant plastic bags of course.With rushing mode I ran trough the lift and once i reached in front of the door than only i noticed i don't have the house key with me. 
-Interesting!- Phewwwwwww!! Uwaaa rasa nak menangis.

And I need to pick up the kids too which also with their nursery bag some more. With only the two hands I have, I don't think that I am super gagah to carry all the bags plus my 9kg little boy in hand. No choice, I go down and put all my stuffs at one of an Indian groceries shop there before picking up the babies.

Bertapa lah kami tiga beranak kat kedai runcit akak India tu while waiting for Mr Daddy right away from Klang nun. Dekat kan! hoh! End up we; the whole family masuk rumah sharp 8pm.

What happened to my "1st attempt pizza" kononnya??

Daddy said, " Kalau tak jadi macam Dominos Pizza macam mana?" 
-I just don't care!-

I forced my husband to bring out our oven from the 'keeping room' as i need to prepare for the topping materials. I believed after 1st sample, husband pun dah boleh buat sendiri.
So true, i only did for one piece then the rest was finished by him.
In a mean time, I bribed the kids with Cheesedale Cheese slice. They love cheese, so it help them to stay busy operating on the cheese.

Instead of using pizza plain dough, i couldn't find any instant Nan bread for the pizza base. What i did was, i manipulated the recipe by using instant capati. More healthier konon because it made of high fiber of capati flour. I guess!

My bento for lunch today is Kerepot crispy pizza suka hati.
Kerepot sebab saya letak dalam tupperware kecik. :)

Cuba teka macam mana Hannah makan pizza? She ate like digging a treasure hunt and left me the crispy part of the capati. 2 set tau!

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