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Rabu, 27 Februari 2013

My curi me-time.

At one day, my husband said, banyaknya blackhead!!!
Ermmm... dah lama tak pergi facial.

Then, pergi lah!
Wehoooo!!! But when??

I have no time for facial or any body massage any more.
Masa bujang dulu i used to pampered myself at least once in two months.

Memang la tetap jugak tak cantik, but it is just i loved of being pampered.
And i still ada lg a few sessions hutang at one of a spa near Ampang. Hurmmm halalkan saja lah.

So the last two days, I managed to have my me-time just right after I settled my road tax and compound payment at MPSJ.
Actually at first I nak ke Caring pharmacy to buy something je. Then out of no reason terus naik atas ask for facial treatment on the spot. Because I ni return customer dekat situ, so diorang redha je I main terjah without appointment. 
I just asked for a basic treatment and i need it to be done in quick and clean. As i said, i only have less than two hours time.
-OK satisfied!- Siap boleh terlena la sekejap. :)
This is why i love to go for massage and treatment if i got more me-time.

So no major cooking that day. I just rushed buy KFC dinner plate for two and a quick fried rice at home.

Frozen processed food Harraz dah habis. Daddy yang baik hati help mummy cooked chicken soup with vege for his son. My husband; bila anak dah menangis, he'd rather to take over my job instead of babysitting the crying baby.
Tapi yang tak bestnya at the end dapur jadi macam orang masak kenduri. Huahuahua!

Ok lah... apa pun I thanked you husband for helping me especially on laundry. I dah retired keje laundry since i pregnant Hannah. Hannah allergic bau sabun so my strong reason to quit. 

Tata then..
Success doesn't come to you…you go to it

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