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Jumaat, 3 Ogos 2007

Its not a LOVE

Being a part of your life has been really influential in my process of becoming myself.

I say more of what I believe.
I am challenged to be sincere and active.
I am happy with fewer material goods.
I believe that my dreams are both cosmic and reachable simultaneously.
I am surrounded in support and love.

Our similarities are as striking and as potent as our differences. You helped me to understand that we must not merge personalities, but rather become ourselves more fully while we support the other’s becoming.

Your uniqueness and the unguessableness of your nature teach me that I am just who I am—not some creation of who I want to be—and that my personality need not be homogenous.

You still surprise me.
You often delight me.
You always teach me.
You care for others.
You always see the good in people.
You think before you speak.
You are funny, impish, and creative.

Thats are all you, but I dont love you.
Honestly I am the way I am I should be. Im sorry... You are more a big brother to me.

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