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Khamis, 10 April 2008


All my tuition classes for this week are sattled. Huh i just got my weekdays back. Some sort of feeling exhausted as me keep working non-stop till night everyday.
Monday-Tuesday (8.15pm-9.45pm) with Ashraf my Std6 BM/Science.
Wednesday (8.00pm-10.00pm) my little cute Nani F1 Math.
Semalam after work me direct go to Sg Puyu because afraid of our one and only bridge will have a heavy traffic as usual. But luckily Penang Bridge was cleared yesterday n I reached there at 7.00pm. Boring and lonely at new place for me. Kinda a new comer or may be a lost person. Hahah.. Me parked at the Masjid Jamek Sg Puyu to wait for solat Maghrib. Tgh gayut2 ngan my dear Mr, azan maghrib pun berkumandang. End called and i prepared to get into the mosque. Macam malu+segan+malu sebab sume jemaah are lelaki. Semua orang macam pelik sebab tetiba ada org pompuan sibuk nak solat sama time2 mcm ni. Tp, the good thing is, aku diberi layanan yang sangat istimewa. Ada pakcik tu siap bentangkan sejadah and turun kan tirai utk aku solat. SMS the parent told them i will be there by 8.00pm.
Class end at 10.00pm. Akak tu siap hidang aku nasi lagi. Alamakkkkkk cam mana ni. Dah la aku tgh diet nasi. Lama dah ni x makan nasi. ayoooo.... Tak sedap la plk kalo x jamah sebab dia dah hidang. Makan la separuh dari sepinggan nasi n ratah ayam. Hihi again this parent also very the good sbb terus pay me. She said she will directly pay me after each class... Tak payah la tunggu sampai ujung bulan kan.
Reach home by 11.00pm mandi manda and tido. ZzzZzZZzZ

A good life is a collection of happy memories.

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