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Rabu, 31 Disember 2008

Happy Birthday Mommy, Happy Birthday My Lil Chubby

Yes today is our last day for the year 2008. Might be some of you were thinking does our 2008 resolutions succeed?

And might be some of  you were already planning for new resolutions and wishing it will be completely successful for the year 2009.

Whenever it be, however it be.. resolutions for 2009 and resolutions 1430H should be tally.

We as a human being can make any self judgment which are more importance than others. On behalf of myself, i wish Happy New Year! (no need to mention in 'M' or 'H' because both came almost at the same time this year.)

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If anybody ask me why New Year 2008 is bigger because i can't find any 1430 wishes on the internet. Or may be i am not yet a good surfer. hikhik...

To Mommy and My Lil Chubby; myspace graphic comments
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and myspace graphic comments
Myspace Happy Birthday Comments


 1. Reza aku jumpa birthday wishes ni aku teringat the same thing that happened to me masa skolah dulu. :D 
2. Reza jangan merajuk ngan aku ye. I am so sorry.. Aku tak leh join ko g wedding Azmah last weekend. Aku kat dlm hutan, line x de n phone bat out.

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zuris on 31 Disember 2008 11:09 PTG berkata...

lor..kau ker?
blog kau pun kena removed ker??


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