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Jumaat, 26 Mac 2010

1st role and decision making.

At this moment, I need your advice and your permission as any decision made, it will only affected after i've been called your wife. InsyaAllah...

With love,
14 days a lovely wife to-be.

Ye la selama ni semua keputusan saya buat sendiri. I just need advice from him, but even kalo Mr Fiance tak bagi pn, i have my own right nak buat anything and everything that i want to.


There's an offer for another job at tuition center on Friday night. If i say YES the class will start right after our wedding soon.
And for this, i have to manipulate all my other schedules and make a new arrangements. Akibatnya ialah, setiap malam saya akan ada kelas in another words, saya tak ada kat rumah after work every night.

Ok Ok.. this is crazy. Kalau bagi tau Ummi, sah kena bebel kow2.

Honey deary,
Any words for me?

They need my answer ASAP.
-miserably thinking-

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