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Isnin, 26 Mei 2008

Just a weekend

Nothing much happened on last weekend.

Layan movies sambil baring-baring.

My old friend, (ED the part time actor, part time model, part time web designer) [Ed jgn marah aku promot ko ek. Henset dah 3G canggih la tu dari aku yang serba sederhana ni.] he called wishing me go down to Kuala Kangsar for our former classmate's wedding Wan Nurul Liza.

Sorry dear, i couldn't make it. Eventhough my tuituon class was cancelled, but it is too late to plan for a trip, driving alone plus blom gaji lagi ar.. Tak syiokkk kan nak jalan kalo x de duit..

Grabbing this opportunity to clear up my ordinary messy bed room.
Haiyaa.... so busy no time to do house keeping. Everything delayed, books all around on the floor, Mount Kinabalu of laundry, fan full of dust and of cours dust were everywhere here and there.

Yey! my work dah SELESAI.

A parent called asking they need Math teacher urgently. Huahuahua... another chance of making money!!!
Meet them disccussing about time table because I only available on Thursday night.

At the same time, me worried about focusing too much and out of focus of another.
I pray to GOD, give me strength to keep everything balance.

A good life is a collection of happy memories.

5 Kata-kata Magik:

ima berkata...

jgn sedih sedih dah ok bebeh? sekali sekala mengemas ni seronok, kot kot terjumpa duit sesat ke, kan lagi siok tuh..huhu

fLuRrY.bLuRrY.bUbBLy. berkata...

hehe x cedey2 dah ni. cool je babe.. ala azima, i dah korek-korek sana sini x jumpa pon duit sesat. X siokk pon.

kadok berkata...

talking about fan..i shud worry that too..thanks for the reminder...hehehe

Reza berkata...

fyi, dia suh panggil talent..bkn model...ingat tau...talent

fLuRrY.bLuRrY.bUbBLy. berkata...

ala talent ngan model kan lebih kurang jer tuh. Konon-konon makna tersirat dan tersurat la tu yer?? Nyampah I nyah!


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